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Training Outcomes

Training feedback indicated that the modules and the structure of program was effective in developing the entrepreneurs and their enterprises. Challenges during the program were predominantly caused by the limitations brought about by the then pandemic conditions which restricted in-person delivery and interactions.

Coaching & Mentoring

An average score of 92% was obtained for coaching and mentoring denoting above satisfaction results.

Course Content

An average score of 86% was obtained for course content (relevance and usefulness).

Delivery Platforms

An average score of 75% was obtained for the platforms used for training. Scores were lower as the participants preferred face-to-face training.

Learner's Knowledge

87% increase in learner’s knowledge based on before and after survey.

Precilla Fon Pui Sei of OOZE

ISIAS Accelerator Participant

"Very well organised event, every time give reminder and always on schedule. I was able to connect with some organizations - Networking eg Ata Plus. Giorgio's (Coach) input was very helpful. Overall the program flowed well. Thank you again for this opportunity given by myHarapan, Ekuinas and Scenic."

Idrizam Idris of Koko Loko

ISIAS Accelerator Participant

"Suka belajar benda baru like marketing, and ways to improve my business. Coach Kartini helped to connect and understand better. She also went outside of coaching sessions to help me by connecting with potential investors or partners. I thank all very much for this once in a lifetime experience."

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