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ILTIZAM Cultivate

The program aims to kickstart the development of a thriving SE ecosystem within the state of Kelantan by enhancing the capacity and capability of social business entrepreneurs. This includes cultivating grit and resilience in all areas, especially in the development stage.


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This program consist of


Self Development (self-discovery journey)

Social Business development and understanding


Validating ideas


Continued learnings

Exposure through challenges

Experiential Learning

Pitch, pitch and pitch (various platforms)

Building self confidence

Build connections (Networking)


Community Awareness Engagement

Training and Workshops

Awareness Campaigns

Community Outreach


  •  Open to all social entrepreneurs/impact-driven organizations in Kelantan OR business running in other states but, the products/services produced must come from and operate in Kelantan where it benefits and creates job opportunities for the community of Kelantan people.

  • 51% owned by Bumiputera individuals.

  • Priority will be given to enterprise that have been in operation for at least 6 months to 3 years.

  • Eligible candidates are required to present tangible evidence of their operational success (revenue and customer acquisition).

  • Consideration will be taken for cooperatives and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) provided that have a clear social business model.

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