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Doing Good Index

The Doing Good Index showcases factors that drive or hinder private capital flowing towards needs in 18 Asian economies. The Doing Good Index provides a roadmap for actions that can unleash the capital by aligning incentives around doing good; mitigating the trust deficit; and maximising private social investment.

Malaysia has been part of the DGI since 2018 when CAPS started its first-of-its-kind study showcasing factors that enable or hinder private social investment and philanthropy across Asian economies. myHarapan has been appointed as a local partner for Malaysia to run data collection for the DGI. 

The reports of the study. 

DGI2018: https://caps.org/our-research/doing-good-index-2018/

DGI2020:  https://bit.ly/CAPSDGI2020

DGI2022: https://caps.org/work/our-research_doing-good-index-2022

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