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In the shift towards safer and greener options in agriculture, Farm Tokou, a subsidiary of GE Nitrate Solutions unveiled its own line of locally made organic pesticides and fertilisers that help farmers protect their crops and enjoy better yields in an effective and environmentally sustainable manner. They are, relative to the other SEs in the program more matured having established in 2018 and have seen several pivots to their business.

Partnership Development

They recently signed a partnership agreement with MSD Innovation Sdn Bhd to enhance use of IoT technology in their farming systems. Adrian Ghani from MSD was also a coach during the program.


Enhanced Impact

While they previously principally chose to address issues of sustainable farming to ensure better yield, they were able to define better outcomes to address social issues (ie. youth employment in Sabah) providing a stronger impact value proposition.


Expansion through Franchising

They developed a franchise model to integrated farming in order to affect change deeper and faster. They are making it more accessible for youth to consider sustainable farming as a career choice and expanding capacity for healthier food choices for Sabah. For this purpose, they were also recently awarded the Hasanah SE grant.

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