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Al-HIKMAH started as a project by 2 friends who were passionate to give back to the community and in particular, communities in Kelantan. The founder is an optometrist and what Al-Hikmah is all about back then was providing free eye-check to those in the rural of Kelantan weekly. This enabled the community to have the right advice and proper treatment for colour blind, short or long-sighted, cataract and etc.

Al-Hikmah is a perfect example of a long-term relationship and we have where we have coached them on the following:

  1. To separate business and social operations

  2. Networking with DHL for funds and mentorship

  3. Ideas to scale

  4. Funding for community engagements

After 8 years, they have flourished and empowered unemployed youths in Kelantan to dabble in youth-driven initiatives.

Still continues to provide eye-check but have encouraged and empowered youths to volunteers, coordinate and conduct.

Has 2 'Agrotech' urban farms in the city of Kelantan that is managed by youths. Trained and empowered unemployed youth to become an Agropreneurs though the use of modern technology. They also assist in marketing and commercialising the harvest.

Introduces modern fertigation technology.

Train on mushroom cultivation.

Stingless bee cultivation.

(Kelulut honey)

Urban farming:

  • Hydroponic

  • Aquaponic

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