Youth Driven Initiatives

Our successes are the successes of the young people of Malaysia. Here are some examples of inspiring initiatives and businesses which have benefitted from our mentorship and support:

Rural Solutions

SUNCROX is a social business pioneered by well qualified and experienced engineers including those from Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI-UKM) in developing new products, test out fresh ideas and improve on existing models. They provide consultation, design, installation and maintenance services, and supply solar energy systems.

The product line consists of Photovoltaic panels, chargers/controllers, solar mobile charger, solar street lighting, portable solar energy systems, and many more!

Besides that, Suncrox has a few solar powered innovations such as hospital, mosques and ice cream motorcycles. They have impacted people in rural areas in Malaysia and around Asia.

What is their impact? (as at June 2017)
• 1 solar-powered hospital in rural Myanmar
• 1 solar-powered mosque in Myanmar
• 1 solar-powered mosque in Sabah
• 1 solar-powered ice-cream motorcycle
• 1 solar-powered mosque in Pahang
• 30 solar-powered houses in Kuala Lipis
• 300 individuals impacted


HOSPITAL BEYOND BOUNDARIES (HBB) is dedicated towards improving the health of vulnerable communities in Cambodia through sustainable health care efforts.

The organisation aims to run social business-based healthcare centres for marginalised communities around Southeast-Asia. Their first health centre was established in Phnom Penh, providing healthcare accessibility to the Cham ethnic minority community of Cambodia.

With the healthcare facility built, they are able to create job opportunities to the Cambodian doctors and support staff members. HBB has grown since and are also developing Malaysian youths by providing volunteering opportunities to their peers extending skills in their respective interest.

What is their impact? (as at June 2017)
• 1 healthcare facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
• 2 Cambodian doctors employed
• 5 Cambodian support staff employed
• 2500 patients treated at health facility since June 2015
• 200 Malaysian volunteers engaged
• 3500 individuals health-screened by volunteers


EATS, SHOOTS & ROOTS is a social enterprise offering products and services in permaculture and edible gardens to encourage people to grow their own food. Eats, Shoots & Roots is based on three pillars: Earth-Caring, People-Caring and Surplus-Sharing.

They work to establish sustainable agriculture, as well as empower urban individuals and communities with skills and tools to grow their own food, and build a sense of resilience in the city.

They have built many edible gardens in partnership with landscape architects and social enterprises and over 750 urban “farmers” and gardeners have been trained on building edible gardens. They also sell vegetable seed boxes to the city dwellers and communities to encourage people to grow their own food.

What is their impact?(as at June 2017)
• 24 edible gardens built in Kuala Lumpur and Penang
• 750 urbanites trained on building edible gardens
• 8,085 seed boxes sold in KL, Penang and Singapore
• 38,832kg annual yield of food
• RM 388,320 worth of vegetables harvested

Women Empowerment

BLUBEAR is a social business, which aims to improve the well-being of women from the age of 12 – 46 in marginalized communities across Malaysia by building awareness campaign and addresses social health, economic, education and cultural issues.

A major concern in that demographic is that almost 15,000 school-going Malaysian girls are missing school and up to 20% of their education because of the lack of access to menstrual products. This contributes to high rates of school dropouts, early marriages and pregnancy, which also indirectly limits their career options.

Blubear provides reusable sanitary pads to ease the burden of girls who cannot afford to purchase menstrual products.

What is their impact?(as at June 2017)
• 1,050 girls impacted
• 25% cost savings of sanitary pad
• 35% garbage landfills reduced


DISCOVER MUAYTHAI (DMT) is one of Malaysia’s pioneer social businesses in the field of sports. DMT has a unique approach to solve the problems of urban poverty problems by replicating the “Muay Thai Village” model in Cha Long town, Phuket, Thailand. DMT aims to provide employment to the youth via martial arts.

Faced with problems such as gangsterism, truancy, drug abuse, robbery and economic disparity, DMT foster the value of respect, honor and discipline in these youth through a four (4) months training under DMT academy. At the academy, apart from the trainings of Muay Thai martial arts, it also looks at imparting knowledge and developing their soft skills through a series of different activities and workshop sessions. 

What they learn combines great discipline and camaraderie, which DMT inculcates in the youth in an environment familiar to them. They are able to understand and make better decisions as to how to overcome their disadvantages and be a contributing youth to the society.

What is their impact?(as at June 2017)
• 16 boys impacted
• 100% success rate (the boys are either working or back to school)
• 200 indirect beneficiaries