Social Project Challenge (SPC) & Social Business Challenge (SBC)

In ensuring youth participation in the development of social solutions in the country, the Social Project Challenge (SPC) and the Social Business Challenge (SBC) was established three years ago. The programmes helps to nurture two categories of youths: 15-17 year olds in public and private secondary schools, and the latter, for youths’ ages 18-35 years old, both nationwide.

Endorsed and supported by the Ministry of Education, SPC aims to instill awareness amongst secondary school students, of diverse backgrounds on pressing issues in the society and enable them to take proactive roles in problem solving.

SBC on the other hand, was initiated to advance the development of Malaysia’s social businesses since hosting the Global Social Business Summit (GSBS) 2013 in Kuala Lumpur.

To be held for the third time running, the objective of SBC is to facilitate the creation of new social businesses in Malaysia and to encourage participation of youths in solving social issues of the nation through non-loss, non-dividend business models.

Target: 60 idea submissions (per programme)

We are seeking partnerships in areas of:
• Funding by way of sponsorship or investments – 10 organizations
• Youth Engagement: SPC 40 & SBC 50
• Mentorship