Public Workshop | Apr – Dec

These workshops are designed based on the hidden worrying issues such as CSR vs Branding pattern in Malaysia and increasing income gap inequality that could possibly stop us from achieving our Vision 2020.

Offered to the general public, the 5 workshop topics will highlight existing issues in Malaysia, in order to explore ways and derive possible solutions to overcome it.

The topics includes:

• Powerful Effect: Creating sustainable and impactful CSR initiatives (The workshop is designed for Professionals, and Executives who are interested to learn and re- strategise impactful CSR initiatives through effective planning and execution).

• Survival VS Scaling: NGO Management and Sustainability Plan (To identify their core strengths in order to create shared value for sustainability)

• Lead to Win: Successful Intrapreneurial Leadership & Thinking (To create intrapreneurial mindset/ thinking and spur the growth in our nation. This is evident from a growing number of intrapreneurs who are already changing the dynamics in corporate culture, transforming businesses to generate growth through new products and services that have positive impact)

• Connecting the Dots: Bridging and Managing Generation Gap at the Workplace

• (To create highly cohesive and diverse teams by understanding and honing the talent of anyone of all ages)

• Think Big, Drive Change: How to Start Your Social Business? (Social busiess 101)

We are seeking for partnerships in areas of:
• Sponsorship
• Marketing & Promotions
• Participation (Public, NGO, Corporate employees)
• Content / Training Providers