Three Pillars


A multi-faceted division comprising of Outreach, and Capacity & Capability Development. Outreach acts as the face of the organisation as they reach out and inspire young people around the country; Capacity & Capability Development manages the planning and implementation of the Foundation’s workshops and skills building activities.


To support youth-led initiatives and businesses that deliver positive impact, there are 2 types of funding products offered: the Youth Action Grants and the Social Venture Fund. The former are conditional grants (micro-funding) valued from RM 500 to RM 15,000 for social initiative projects that demonstrate scalability, feasibility and ease of replication and sustainability. The Social Venture Fund, on the other hand, offers investment opportunities for social businesses and social enterprises of between RM 50,000 and RM 250,000 for early stage companies.


Drawing upon our access to hundreds of youth leaders aged 16-30 who in turn have access to millions of youths across Malaysia, we are able to build a solid database of detailed and accurate studies, surveys and profiles. Through the results of our research, we constantly put ourselves in a better position to construct effective methods of attracting public support, creating fool-proof project mechanisms, providing the most compatible platforms and measuring accurately social impact. We are also members of the Social Return on Investment Network and are affiliated to the Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society.